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Teacher at CIA PP International School
Teacher at CIA PP International School

If you ask me, “Is it hard to be a teacher?” I’ll reply; it’s no picnic, but it’s very emotionally rewarding. When at the end of the day your students bid you goodbye and look forward to seeing you tomorrow; and at the end of the school year, when parents express their gratitude for all the encouragement and motivation you give to their children, you will find fulfillment.

At CIA FIRST Chbar Ampov International School, we strive to constantly improve the level of education we provide. To be a teacher here means to be a team player and work well with others, be prepared for challenges in an ever-changing environment, possess excellent communication and organizational skills, and be willing to work hard.

CIA FIRST Chbar Ampov International School teachers provide more than just facts and figures. We also help students to learn life skills, such as personal hygiene and safety. We guide students down the path to adulthood and give them the knowledge needed to be successful in the modern world.

Teacher Compensation Plan

1. Full-Time Employees:

  • attractive salary
  • 27 public holidays + 5 additional holidays
  • 2 days paid leave
  • 3 days paid sick leave
  • one-off relocation allowance
  • international healthcare group policy coverage contribution
  • registration with National Social Security Fund (NSSF) to cover work accidents
  • payment of business visa (100%)
  • facilitation and payment of work permit (100%)
  • accommodation facilitation
  • discount on tuition fees for staff children (50%)

Our commitment to workplace diversity, coupled with our current stage of rapid growth and development, means that we always welcome applications for various positions, including teachers of all levels, administrative personnel, accounting personnel and HR personnel. A competitive salary shall be negotiated according to experience and qualifications of the candidates.


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Job Openings

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Interested applicants may submit their brief cover letter, CV and recent photograph to the following email address:

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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