School Pride

Cambodia National Anthem

ដោយជ័យមង្គល​  សិរីសួស្តី




Khmer lyrics (Romanization)
Som pouk tepda rak sa moha khsath yeung
Oy ben roung roeung doy chey monkol srey soursdey
Yeung Khnom preah ang som chrok Krom molup preah Bar a ro mey
Ney preah Noropdey vong Khsat tra del sang preah sat thmr
Kroup Kraung dèn Khmer bor ann thkoeung thkann


English translation
Heaven protects our King
And gives him happiness and glory
To reign over our souls and our destinies,
The one being, heir of the Sovereign builders,
Guiding the proud old Kingdom



Adapted: Loralie Jones

If you look at me and you wonder what you see
I may be tall, thin , or fat, dark or fair
I may have long hair or freckles there
But I’m something extra special
can’t you see ( oh can’t you see).


Oh my heart beats true to my wonderful school
And I love all my teachers, too
And I’ll tell everyone I meet
I’m a student, a CIA kid.


Yeah! we’re rough, we’re tough
We’ve got the stuff
We’re young, we’re bold,
We’re completely sold
I’m learning the lessons that must be told
The task is great
But we will get through
I’m going to school
How about you?


Olé! Ole!Ole Ole! CIA Ole!
Olé! Ole!Ole Ole! CIA Ole!


Words and Music : Becy D.Oraa

I love CIA, my dear Alma Mater
Who guides and moulds our young minds
For a brighter start.


Wherever I may be
Its mission be my guide
To be the best that we can be.


I’m proud to be
A CIA kid.


New Heights of Achievement
Cambodia International Academy.


Soar High!