Khmer Programme

Our successful and motivational Khmer language programme is fully accredited with the Ministry of Youth and Sport.

All of our teaching staff are caring, qualified and dedicated to ensuring your child learns to their best ability as well as embracing Khmer culture, traditions and morality. The programme encapsulates a kindergarten and grade curriculum where all activities and exercises are child centered, fun, innovative and well resourced.

Our Testing schedule ensures all students reach age appropriate national benchmarks.


Chinese Language

Our Chinese language curriculum is designed as an introduction to language learning and to prvide the foundation for more advanced language building. The curriculum is divided into 3 major categories: Writing, Speaking, and Culture.

Learning Goals:

1. Students will be able to recognize, write, and use appropriately at least 100 characters

2. Learn the basics of pinyin and know up to 47 pinyin words and usage

read short articles using pinyin

3. Introduce themselves and family members

4. Have basic conversations

5. Know how to use simple greetings

6. Understand colors, animals, fruits, vegetables, stationary, days of the week, dates, months


Physical Education

Our Physical Education programme is designed to promote healthy lifestyles, encourage active group participation and build a strong sense of sportsmanship. Kindergarten programmes develop and strengthen gross motor skills, self confidence, balance and teamwork through a wide range of activities and using a variety of equipment. In the grades we focus on developing active , healthy, team minded individuals who understand the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Through activities like swimming, ball games, badminton, volleyball and gymnastics we seek to create strong healthy minds and bodies. With the assistance of our school canteen we provide a well balanced, healthy and extensive range of food. The menu and facilities are all designed to cater for our students growing minds and bodies with a focus on healthy food choices, variety, taste and hygiene.


ICT Education

Here at CIA FIRST C.A. we deliver components of our Kindergarten and Grade core curriculum through ICT based learning. Our modern facilities and extensive range of computer opportunities allows students to learn about the world around them with high quality equipment and qualified teachers. With an extensive range of programme options all students from kindergarten through to the Grades are exposed to the world in and beyond Cambodia enriching their participation as global citizens and providing them with a modern and up to date information system.




French Class 

Our French class for beginners is based on communication, We teach students on basic numeracy, and basic conversation skills like how to introduce themselves and ask the same to others. Then they will learn about the family and describe daily tasks. As they progress, we will start to talk about food and clothes.