Mission & Vision


CIA FIRST Chbar Ampov International School is a non-sectarian international / private school that caters to the needs of all youth without prejudice to their national, racial or religious affiliations. Our primary concern is to enable the “whole child” to master local and global challenges of today and the future.

We are committed to providing our students with a stimulating learning atmosphere where they can discover what is essential for their physical, mental, moral and social development and experience the joy and love of learning in their early years.

We envision new heights of achievement for the individual learner and everything within his/her reach and power to influence: family, community, the world. In our endeavor to enhance a broader, international educational experience and to develop informed, socially and environmentally responsible global citizens, we are committed to:

      • Providing a learning environment that will promote the highest possible international English and Khmer education
      • Providing a physical environment that is conducive to quality teaching and learning
      • Fostering cooperation with students, parents and community in the pursuit of best educational standards competitive on a global level
      • Promoting 21st century skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for life-long learning
      • Encouraging attitudes that promote a sense of responsibility and self-reliance, contributing to a positive self image and independent learning
      • Undertaking the responsibility of producing students equipped with high moral character, personal discipline, vocational efficiency, duties of local and global citizenship, appreciation of the Arts, and a love for their home, world and nature


Our Four Guiding Principles:

      • Health and Safety
      • Environmental Care
      • Respect Earns Respect
      • Learning to Give and Joy of Sharing



Diversity, Global Citizenship and Competence, Parent Engagement, Innovation, Education and Development of the Whole Child.