Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

It’s that time of year again — with the kids refreshed and ready to jump back into the school routine, CIA PP International School would like to extend a warm welcome to both parents and students.

It is an exciting time for our new Grade 1’s who are adjusting to the new challenges of elementary school. Now the small fish in a big pond, these first few weeks will be allocated to help settle them into good routines, academically and socially. For the rest of our elementary students, they are at the beginning of yet another milestone year in their academic development –we’re all looking forward to witnessing the new heights of their achievements.

In order to strengthen our partnership with our parents along this journey, we are planning a special Elementary-Level Newsletter to keep you up-to-date on the latest lesson programs, activities and progresses achieved. The newsletter will inform parents of the topics being covered within each subject, so that you can stay one step ahead of your child.

CIA PP International School will begin its after-school programs on November 6th of 2017 until June of 2017.  I urge our parents and partners to enroll their kids in our programs which for now consist of Karate, Yoga and Ballet. Please be advised that other programs will emerge soon such as The Chinese Language and Culture program and ICT:  coding and 3D design.  The space is indeed limited.

As you all know, CIA PP International School is proud to announce the opening of Campus II.  Campus II accommodates G2 to G5, and is our main campus for all information.   Please keep the school phone numbers handy and feel free to call the school to discuss progress, issues and/or adjustments that may guide us to continue attaining new heights of achievement.


Important information to save:

Campus I:  K2-G1 International Curriculum

                 Phone Number 1: 070/077 861 333

                 Phone Number 2:

Campus II:  G2-G5 International Curriculum

                Phone Number 1: 070/077 862 333

                Phone Number 2:


School-information email:


Sincerely yours,


Radia Saidani

KES School Principal

CIA PP International School