Kindergarten K5

Recommended Age: 5 – 6 years

Kindergarten K5 students learn and use phonics and sound combinations to explore their developing writing, reading, listening and speaking skills. These focus is on strengthening early writing and reading skills through highly creative hands on learning and textual investigations. Using child centered thematic approaches the teachers encourage and support students to develop their personal study habits and to prepare them for movement into grade school.


In Kindergarten K5, students learn:


Kindergarten K5 Students continue their journey learning more complex mathematical concepts building their math vocabulary and identifying shape, number sound, pattern in an age appropriate environment. The teacher uses practices and activities that carefully select materials to enhance student interaction and continue to foster a love of learning.

Social Studies

Through an exploration of their world and the world around them students discover and investigate, nature, culture, geography and citizenship. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills and global awareness through teacher selected and generated themes and worksheets.


Kindergarten K5 Students are guided in their investigation of the world around them and the way things work. Through carefully selected age appropriate themes and activities teachers help students develop a love of scientific learning and an understanding of scientific process and product.

Physical Education

Kindergarten K5 children learn about proper nutrition and healthy eating as an extension to classroom work. All activities are designed and conducted in order to develop their fine and gross motor skills, promote health and well being as well as reinforce team strategies, rules and cooperation.


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