Kindergarten to Grade 2 Online Learning

Kindergarten-Grade 2
Continuous learning in the Kindergarten levels supports children in learning through play. Learning offers authentic opportunities to focus on key developmental abilities. Learning engagements emphasise interaction and creativity. These activities involve minimal technology or specialized materials. Students are involved in a balance of  activities to holistically support their growth and development. Students will be able to access Continuous Learning from their teachers using Class Dojo, Seesaw and Zoom. It is important that parents engage in their chidrens’ learning at this age, and actively work with teachers to support activities. 

Approved Online Learning Platforms:

Class Dojo (grades K3-G2): Allows for assigning lessons, examples of activities, links to websites
Seesaw (grades K3-G2):  Allows for sharing of work, demonstrating activities

Learn how to access Class Dojo

Approved Online Learning Tools:

Starfall (ELA and Math)
Teach Your Monster to Read
Kids A-Z
Kids Atlas (Social Studies)
Epic online books
BrainPop Jr – All subjects esp. Science
Simple Line Drawing – Art App
C O D E  – for ICT


Sample Teacher Timetable (K-G2)
Teachers will follow the same class schedule which is based on one subject per day, the co -curricular schedule will stay the same.

KG to G2

0730-0800  Upload welcome message and pre recorded lesson and activities for the subject that day onto Class Dojo
0800-0830 Parent communication re learning, answering questions, supporting activities
0830-0930 Small group sessions (15 – 20 mins sessions) to include TA led groups. (Zoom)
0930-1000 Break 
1000-1100 Provide feedback on student work submitted (Dojo) 
1100-1200 Lunch
1200-1230 Planning zoom sessions
1230-1300 Lesson planning,prep and feedback on student work
1300-1500  Level Planning meeting when arranged by Sub Co’s ( Google Meets) .Record any teaching videos for uploading. 
1500-1545  Small group sessions ( 15 mins sessions) to include TA led groups. ( Zoom ):FTI Students Only

G1 and G2

1400-1500: Teacher joins planning meeting (Google Meets) with grade level teachers to plan new lessons.
1500-1615: Teacher writes and plans new learning activities, updates Google Classroom. Professional development provided by Cco where necessary. 

*ICT, Music, Art, PE, Swimming teachers 
Upload welcome message and pre recorded lesson and activities for the subject that day onto Class Dojo

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