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(full-time/part-time positions)


  1. Ensures students’ safety both inside and outside the classroom
  2. Promotes students’ interest in lessons
  3. Facilitates the delivery of lessons by ascertaining that students, despite possessing varying English language capability, can all understand the teacher
  4. Facilitate group exercises and supplementary activities
  5. Ensures students’ participation
  6. Promotes students’ discipline
  7. Prepares supplementary activities
  8. Conveys ideas clearly using the English language
  9. Utilizes the art of questioning to promote students’ sense of inquiry
  10. Addresses individual needs among students
  11. Follows class schedule strictly
  12. Maintains clean and orderly classroom
  13. Uses school’s facility with care
  14. Assists Parent-Teacher Conference and help to inform parents about the performance of each student
  15. Follows school policies/plans


  1. Female only
  2. A Bachelor’s degree in Education or any field
  3. Recent criminal police record check certificate
  4. Experience in teaching or in taking care of children for at least 2 years
  5. A genuine care, concern and interest for children
  6. Experience in working with international school curricula (preferred)
  7. Good English proficiency
  8. Strong sense of self-initiative, enthusiastic and positive work attitude.



 Duties and Responsibility:

  • Administration office and reception management.
  • Recruit, select and hire administration office staff with early involvement and given approval of the school director.
  • Ensure effective use of the students management system of all users.
  • Ensure maintenance of all student and staff related registers and databases.
  • Organization and management of vehicle fleet and school bus service.
  • Organization of any purchases of equipment, stationery, office supplies and any request of other departments.
  • Support all departments in any administration related issue.
  • Ensure good conditions of all buildings, facilities, installations and equipment, including A/Cs, bathroom, any electrical devices, swimming pools, sports courts, security camera system, etc.
  • Create and maintain good working relationships amongst all members of the school community.
  • Ensure that professional duties are fulfilled as specified in the employment contracts and job descriptions of all staff under his/her supervision.
  • Receive the visits of any authority officials (in particular with police, immigration and labor officials and inspectors), prepare the documents and establish a base of collaboration with the respective officers.
  • Other tasks assigned by the School Administration Manager.


  • Bachelor degree in any administration related field
  • Recent criminal police record check certificate
  • Native speaker language skills in both, English and Khmer language
  • Excellent cross-cultural communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong service orientation
  • Experience of at least 2 years in an international work environment
  • Enthusiastic, committed and hard-working



Various full/part-time positions for School Year 2017-2018

Job Description:

⋅ To deliver student centered, engaging and motivating lessons;

⋅ To create schemes of work and produce quality resources;

⋅ To use ICT and other learning technology when planning and implementing the lessons;

⋅ To monitor and report student progress constantly;

⋅ To engage parents in their child’s education;

⋅ To take active part in the on-going school development process;

⋅ To promote safety and well-being of all students;

⋅ To participate in a variety of meetings and professional development activities.

Job Specification:

⋅ A Bachelor’s degree in Education or any field supplemented by a postgraduate teaching certificate.

A Master’s degree in Education is preferred;

⋅ Native speaker English proficiency;

⋅ Vocation to teach, share and learn;

⋅ A genuine care, concern and interest for children;

⋅ Experience in working with international school curricula;

⋅ Good knowledge of “Understanding by Design” curriculum, unit and lesson planning;

⋅ High intercultural sensibility;

⋅ Ability of creating an interactive, student-centered learning environment.

⋅ Criminal record check covering at least 5 prior years of employment.

We offer a competitive salary and attractive benefit package considering the candidate’s qualifications and experience in international education. 

Interested applicants may submit their brief cover letter, CV and recent photograph to the following email address: