How to Access Class Dojo: A guide for Parents

Dear Valued Parents,

Please join our classroom community on ClassDojo. Through class Dojo, you will receive regular updates from your child’s teacher, including pictures, updates, important notifications and much more. Please see below for some useful instructions!

Yours truly,
CIA PP Management


  1. First step is to download the app. Go to the Play Store (for android) or App Store (for iphone) and find Class Dojo

2. Press ‘Install
​3. Open App and Select ‘I’m a Parent’

4. To create an account, select ‘Create an account’

5. Enter your email and a password

6. Next, enter your Class Code (you will need to request this from your child’s teacher) and you will be taken to the homepage of your Class Dojo!

Now you have created your Class Dojo account!

On the bottom of the screen, you will see ‘Story’, ‘Messages’ and ‘Notifications’

When you want to login in future:

Select ‘I’m a parent’

2. Select ‘I have an Account’

And login using your email and new password!