Grade G5

Recommended Age: 10 – 11 years

Through extensive use of text and teacher generated materials students strengthen and refine their skills as an English Second Language speaker, reader, writer and listener. With teacher guidance and instruction all students are taught the importance of language and its global applications including study, travel and day to day life.


In Grade G5, students learn:



With the use of on line text delivery and print matter students explore past, present and future science discoveries, principles and concepts. Their investigations build on foundation skills learned in grade 4 and encourage students to develop an individualized view of their role in a world of science and discovery.


Social Studies

As students work through this course they are truly exploring their capacity to engage, change and make decisions as a global citizens. The course explores, law, morality, community and world events. Through teacher guidance and direction explorations and studies are designed to enrich world knowledge, build socially aware and active individuals and encourage students to see themselves as global citizens.



In this age combined group students work individually and in pairs to explore mathematical language, applications and investigations designed to build skills, develop mathematical confidence and encourage individual investigation and application of mathematical concepts learned throughout the course. Through a variety of assessments and activities students truly encounter an international view of the mathematical world.


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