Grade G3

Recommended Age: 8 – 9 years

Grade G3 students are encouraged to explore their foundation skills and build on these using carefully and individually designed teacher generated works and internationally recognized texts.

Through a reading, writing, viewing, speaking, listening comprehension and extension activities students develop critical skills in becoming competent and confident English Second Language users.


With extension reading and writing activities including daily practice students explore their own learning strengths with teacher direction and encouragement.


In Grade G3, students learn:



Through the use of discovery viewing, scientific text reading and analysis students explore the world of science investigating and experimenting to test ideas and make conclusions. By exposing students to a wide variety of topics and hands on activities students develop scientific thinking and learn about the world of science.


Social Studies

Studies of the community, the world and culture our teaching and learning texts and activities emphasise the role we all have as global citizens and are designed to develop analytical, humanitarian and social competencies.



With the introduction of higher level thinking and structured international texts students explore the world of arithmetic, geometry, calculus and number. By building on foundation skills learned in grade 2 students begin to hypothesize, experiment and explore the vast world of number, mathematical language and mathematical applications in everyday life.



Our Programme is constructed to reinforce healthy daily habits, focusing on nutrition and health as well as encouraging team and individualized participation in a wide variety of physical activities including, swimming, calisthenics and team games.


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