Grade G2

Recommended Age: 7 – 8 years

In Grade G2 students build their confidence with reading, writing and viewing texts designed to emphasise the skills needed to become a competent English Second Language speaker, listener reader and writer. Our text and teacher selected activities all cater to group and individual needs with extra support and curricular activities designed to ground learning in everyday life.


In Grade G2, students learn:



In using our visual and written texts students explore space and time, life and life cycles as well as how science applies to their everyday world. Students undertake field trips and investigations in order to see science in action.


Social Studies

Learning about community, self and the world around them students explore a variety of texts that stimulate an interest in and build confidence in their ability and interest areas. Through cross cultural exchange and the use of modern technology students are shown a comprehensive view of the world and encouraged to explore their place as global citizens.



Our mathematic course emphasizes skill building, confidence and discipline. Through text and real life mathematical investigations students learn to connect learning with the world of numbers that surround them. Through extensive text and teacher selected investigations students build mathematical confidence and continue to apply their learning to everyday events.



Building on foundation skills learned through Kindergarten students are exposed to daily physical fitness, the importance of health and nutrition as well as exploring healthy lifestyle choices. Through team games, individual activities, swimming and discussion students are taught to understand the interconnectedness of healthy choice and lifestyle.

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