Grade G1

Recommended Age: 6 – 7 years

Students of Grade G1 undertake a variety of activities and exercises to strengthen their writing, reading, listening and speaking skills. Teachers design, construct and deliver activities using our texts and carefully selected materials designed to enhance and cater to different learning styles. With practical and textual investigations and exploration students build core skills and apply these in local, national and global contexts.


In Grade G1, students learn:



Using text and teacher generated material students explore the scientific world through investigation, experimentation and discovery. Teaching critical thinking skills and using hands on learning students are encouraged to explore their world using a scientific eye.


Social Studies

Students explore the world around them through technology, text and project generated work. Activities look at local, national and international events and experiences exposing students to a global view of themselves and the world.



Our Mathematic texts are designed to strengthen mathematical discipline and build on the concepts of counting, writing and reading numbers through investigations involving addition, subtraction and fractions. Students use a variety of daily activities and practices to encourage a mathematical view and strengthen skills across the subject area.


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