Enrollment Procedure

CIA FIRST Chbar Ampov International School welcomes applications from, and admits, individuals regardless of race, gender, status or religious affiliation. A policy of selective admission is followed, however, based on the applicant’s former scholastic achievement, character recommendations, and the passing of entrance examinations. Admission to, and continuation at, CIA FIRST Chbar Ampov is dependent on evidence of good character, intellectual competence, support for the philosophy and mission of the school and an expressed willingness to conform to school regulations.

Enrollment Procedure

Enrollment Procedure
1. Visit CIA FIRST Chbar Ampov International School. You may call 070/077 861 333.
2. Schedule your child’s testing day.
3. Meet with an administration and academic representatives to review testing results and complete enrollment.
 Documents needed
1. Birth Certificate / Passport
2. Previous school report cards/transcript
3. Official transfer document for Khmer Curriculum Elective
4. Two 4 x 6 cm coloured photographs to the enrollment form. (Individual photographs of the student, the mother and the father.

Admission to Preschool K3, K4, and K5

A student’s grade level placement is determined first and foremost by his/her age. A child enrolling in Preschool classes must have reached the required age on or before September 15 of the year of admission (see below)

An Entrance test is given to the student to evaluate his/her readiness for the lessons.

An ESL student, even though his/her age is right for the level, may be placed at a lower level, subject to regular appraisal, when the entrance test result shows this to be necessary.

Admission to Grade School

A new student must pass an entrance test before acceptance to any level (see below)

A student could be placed at a level lower than expected for his age-group for the following reasons:

  • Poor result of the entrance test or
  • Lack of readiness for the lessons at the expected level or
  • An ESL student who, even though his/her age is right for the above grade level, has an entrance test result showing this to be necessary.