Education at CIA FIRST C.A.

AT CIA FIRST Chbar Ampov International School we strive to provide the highest quality English educational programmes using an American based curriculum adjusted to incorporate Cambodian values and culture. All our foreign staff are qualified Early Childhood Educators who use a play based curriculum which is enriched with cultural and intellectual values. These programmes are designed to build self confident and independent learners who are encouraged to explore their intellectual and artistic growth in order to become model citizens of the future.


Our Grade courses are built around internationally recognized AERO curriculum and our teachers design develop and implement programmes using a variety of materials, assessment types and learning approaches. Students are also encouraged to use the creative arts across learning areas as tools to enhance learning, foster creativity and explore their world in an artistic and playful way. Teachers make extensive use painting, drawing, music dance and drama to investigate and create pieces that draw upon concepts learned and skills developed in a variety of contexts.


Our Kindergarten facilities are modern, highly playful and designed to encourage our children to feel safe, explore their potential and ensure the materials used are up to date and state of the art. With bright and colourful classrooms equipped with the latest in Play Based learning materials your child is guaranteed to develop a love of learning.


All Kindergarten classes have assistants who play a central role in supporting and nurturing children as they move from learning native language to using English with confidence. Our assistants are carefully selected to ensure children are nurtured and feel safe as well as providing the essential cultural links and understandings in support with their classroom teachers


CIA FIRST Chbar Ampov Kindergarten uses the principles of play based learning to introduce children to the world of learning using hands on approaches, intensive pastoral care and highly dedicated teachers and assistants.


“If you have a book, you have a friend.”


The “whole child” is its primary concern.


CIA FIRST Chbar Ampov International School is not only an international educational institution but a “home away from home” where the child experiences the joy and love of learning in his/her early years.

CIA FIRST Chbar Ampov International School aims to develop socio-civic conscious, value-oriented, well enlightened individuals and prepares them to be productive, active and responsible contributors to the country’s development.

CIA FIRST Chbar Ampov International School is committed to providing the students with a stimulating learning atmosphere where they can experience and discover what is essential for their physical, mental, and social development and find learning a strong effective tool in preparation for life.

CIA FIRST Chbar Ampov International School envisions new heights of achievement for the individual learner, his/her family, the community and country.

CIA FIRST Chbar Ampov International School endeavors to enhance a broader international educational experience and develop informed thinking citizens who are capable of participating fully in the national settings as well as worldwide affairs.



  • Provide a learning environment that will promote the highest possible international standard of education.
  • Provide a physical environment that will conducive to quality teaching and learning.
  • Promote the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for life long development of the whole person.
  • Encourage attitudes that promote a sense of responsibility and self-reliance, contributing to a positive self-image and becoming an independent learner.
  • Undertake the responsibility of producing students equipped with high moral character, personal discipline, vocational efficiency, duties of citizenship, appreciation of the arts and above all, a love of their country.

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