Campus Information

CIA FIRST Chbar Ampov International School is under the roof of the very successful and prestigious Cambodia International Academy (CIA).

At CIA FIRST C.A. we strive to provide the highest quality English education, with an American based curriculum adjusted to tap into the Cambodian culture. Our system is a play based education curriculum enriched with intellectual and cultural values. At the same time we encourage cultural artistic growth, and strive to create future model citizens. We have a well-equipped school with a swimming pool and two playgrounds. The school provides convenient full-time and part-time English programs.

The environment created by the kindergarten facilities are planned and designed to help children’s growth.

Our goal is to educate children at a higher standard than the current Cambodian norm. We place a tremendous emphasis on reading and writing skills and your child will benefit from a solid base in English proficiency. It is our objective that these skills are measured in tangible results. The “whole child“ is our primary concern.

We teach according to the American curriculum, therefore offering your child the same quality education as abroad. From kindergarten through grade one and two we cover:

  • Arithmetic (Numbers, charts and games, number books, and real objects for counting).
  • Arts & crafts (painting, drawing, coloring).
  • Phonics (sounds of vowels and consonants, the alphabet).
  • Science (the five senses, shapes, liquids, gasses, colors).
  • Cursive writing.
  • Reading.